Latin America’s Physical Features Website Links

Andes Mountains: Amazon Rain Forest: Amazon River: Galapagos Islands Caribbean Islands Yucatan Peninsula Easter Island Patagonia Iguazu Falls Atacama Desert read more

Riddle Links

Use these two websites to get ideas for riddles you can use to write your coordinates riddle: read more

Asia’s Physical Features Suggested Website Links

East Asia Links: Visit China and see Pandas Mt. Fuji Adventure Explore Tibet Gardens of China Cherry blossom season in Japan Mongolian Desert Adventure Plant and animal life of China South Asia: Everest Expedition Ganges Tourism Around the Indus Indian Safaris Plant and animal life of India Southwest and Central Asia: Sandboarding in the Rub al’ Khali Dead Sea Tourism Desert Tour and Camel Ride Plant and animal life of Saudi Arabia Southeast Asia: Vietnam cave expeditions, camping and tours Jungle and beach tours Visit Cambodia’s ancient city buried in the jungle Natural wonders of Indonesia Plant and animal life of SE Asia Oceania (Australia and the Pacific): Visit Australia Australian Outback Adventure New Zealand Adventures Adventures in Fiji Animals of Oceania    ... read more

Current Events 4 Square

Instructions: 1.Browse the following websites and search for videos and articles which relate to current events: CNN 10 (the new version of CNN Student News) DoGo News Newsela (see Mrs. DeMelo for login info) Youngzine 2. Select THREE current events to read or watch a video clip about. AT LEAST ONE needs to be a news event about ASIA. Do not find news stories that are more than a month or two old. 3. Open a new new tab and a new Google Slide and create a table with four boxes. Entitle the document “Current Events 4 Square.” 4. In each box write the article title and a short summary for each of the articles you read or the videos you watched. Also in each box you need to make a connection between the article and the 5 themes of geography (remember MR.LIP). 5.In the 4th box add pictures of the maps of the countries where these events took place 6. Once your slide is complete, upload it in Google Classroom and “turn it in.” This will be counted as classwork for term 4.... read more

Industrial Revolution links

Use the following links to research inventions of the Industrial Revolution. For the boxes on your handout which only provide an image, use the following Google Images search to try and match the picture on your paper to the pictures here:….0…1ac.1.64.img..2.40.2063.0.0jOoRujZrFM read more

Renaissance Convention Websites

Michelangelo– Marco Polo– Magellan– Da Vinci– Shakespeare– Gutenberg- Galileo: read more